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New Studio Progress for Art-Faux Designs Inc

Art-Faux Designs Bonita Springs Studio
Primed in Bonita 239 417 1888

New Studio Progress for

Art-Faux Designs Inc. Bonita Springs Fl

Thought I would post an update on the progress of the new studio that is located in Bonita Springs Fl. with some pictures. Even though it has been one heck of a ride in 2009, I think things are looking more promising for 2010.

All I have talked to lately are reporting an increase in sales and the housing market is actually showing some signs of recovery. I am sure a lot of you are glad to hear the news and I believe if we all stay positive on gaining some momentum in consumer spending and confidence in the economy that it can only get better as long as we stay positive and keep pushing forward

Art-Faux Designs Studio Progress 2
Walls are going up

This is the West wall looking South towards the entrance of the studio which will accommodate one very large canvas or several smaller ones for either a mural project or a classroom for future instructors who I have already been in contact with and hosting  future classes

Art-Faux Designs Studio Progress 3
Walls are set up for large canvas projects

Same West wall looking North to the back entrance and storage area….

Art-Faux Designs Studio Progress 1
Large canvas space for lease

The main space of the studio is to focus on large open areas in order to have enough space available for large projects.

The front office is very modest in size but will still welcome visitors with an impressive entrance, after all the studio is designed to be a “working studio” and not a large showroom.

I think in the future what will impress clients more is to see that a business is utilizing its space to its fullest potential and being productive to help cover the costs rather than to have a large scale  “showroom”  being counterproductive.

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