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Faux Sienna Marble Trompe L’oeil

Trompe Loeil marble panel
Trompe oeil Panel (arylics on wood)

Home Decor Show and a Faux Sienna Marble

A Trompe Loeil Panel

The faux sienna marble panel I made awhile back I thought why not use this Trompe L’oeil image and update this post as well. I held a seminar on trompe loeil at a Home Decor Show in Naples a few years ago by Home and Design Magazine in Naples Fl.

Painted panel faux marble
Sienna marble painted panel

trompe loeil panel faux painting ideas

Faux Sienna Marble Trompe Loeil, originally uploaded by artmorehead.

This marble rendering is actually on a painted panel (hollow core door) that I used for a Home Decor Show few years back. I used a series of these doors and made a booth from them for a trade show. Every painted panel had some kind of trompe loeil work on them except for maybe a couple that I needed to show a few other painting techniques.

marble painted panel

Trompe loeil painted panel

I know I post a lot about marble but lately there has been a lot of call for it on columns and accent areas, I have even seen an increase for my marbling DVD. My favorite part is the trompe loeil work and I think it just adds to the whole look of a painted panel its self. I try to take things a bit further each time I paint because as with any artist repetition just drives me nuts. Doing the same thing over and over is ok but myself I have to make it a little more interesting or different each time I paint.

trompe painted marble Art-Faux Naples Fl
Trompe painted panel


At any rate I thought I should update this trompe loeil post because I have had this page down for a while and Google keeps reminding me of a broken link and of course is not good for your SEO or page rank in the search engines  and we wouldn’t want that now would we? How ever it is a good lead into let you all know about my Marketing For Artists and Small Business seminars that will be coming up in October. I will also be launching a membership sight showing people how to create passive and residual income while painting in their studios.

Now I do have more to say on this post but I have a few things I must do to get ready for another  seminar and will come back to this post later so if you have any questions about this panel feel free to ask by leaving a comment and Ill answer it when I get notified that it’s here. Boy I just love wordpress. Of course, I hope you all have enjoyed the

Faux Sienns Marble Trompe L’oeil 

and I will be adding more to this post soon

13 thoughts on “Faux Sienna Marble Trompe L’oeil”


    • Thanks Conlon, No I have not studied at VanderKellen, I am mainly self taught but have studied with many other artists from around the country and from Europe. It isn’t hard to sign up for my newsletter. You can do this on the right hand side of the page or at the end of each post. Thanks for coming by.

  2. Your sienna marble is breathtakingly beautiful. I have a foyer that I want to have done in the faux marble. I was wondering if there is a wallpaper that can be used. I would try the trompe l’oeil myself except I am in no condition to get on a ladder!
    Oh well, it is a pleasure just looking at the beauty you have created. I would like to get your video.

    • Thanks Veronica, unfortunately I know of no “wallpaper” of this type. This finish is hand painted by design and is one of my specialties. I do travel most anywhere that I need to for private commissions as well as paint mountable canvas works for shipping. If interested give us a call I’m sure something could be worked out. Thanks for coming by and the compliment.

  3. Hello Arthur, I met you on the “Art Marketing” group of LinkedIn. Anyway I would like to thank you for your suggestions concerning how to wield the Internet. I would also congratulate you for your nice faux marble rendering. I will mention your name to some good friends I have in Pensacola, Fl.
    Regards. Andrea

    • Hi Andrea
      thanks for stopping by and the great compliment. “Yes some people look at me funny when they ask me what my medium is and I tell them I paint rocks for a living” lmao (just kidding) I had a couple of decorative artist friends of mine use that line in one of their classes and thought I would quote it.
      As far as wielding the internet I guess you could say I have a passion for that too because I find it fascinating, especially the challenges of applying my own SEO techniques. I am in my 6th year but it may be longer because I kind of lost track. Marbling seems to be a favorite of everyone and I love creating it especially when there is a little trompe loeil involved.

  4. Spectacular work! i’ve been a builder for more than thirty years and have worked with many trades ment. However, once in a while you run across a craftsmen.
    Would be great if you would like to bring some of your talents to Costa Rica. Possibly teach some of my crew.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Thanks Ronnie,
    I love everythiing that has to do with decorative painting as well as the finer painting which I do also. It seems the more I do the more I discover which is why I live for the arts. I hope to see you back here because I like to communicate and exchange ideas and techniques. Be sure to opt in for my newsletter because this is just the beginning of some wonderful things that I will be making available including video’s and some of the very mediums that I will be making available very soon

  6. Hi, and thank you for letting me in to your little world.
    I am a decorative painter myself, living and working in Sweden (Europe), I hope that we can exchange some ideas in the future and make sure you look up my website ), unfortunately I havent had time to make an english version yet, but the pictures are international anyway.
    A very nice Sienna by the way.


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