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New Foil Trompe Loeil How To Video

How to Faux Finish
5 faux finishing techniques in 1

“Foil Trompe Loeil Video”

is a preview to a “How To Faux Finish” technique that involves

“5 faux painting ideas in one”


This is the prelude to the videos that I now have available at my online video store.

I complete and post these videos to help people understand how the process works. The finished video was produced by yours truly and I would like to get any feedback, to find out what needs improving or added.

These instructional DVD’s are now available as well …..

Below is the finished sample from the DVD that you will learn to complete.

Faux finishing techniques
5 faux finishing techniques in 1

I am excited about this instructional because after showing this sample only 2 days after completion I sold this finish or a variation of it 3 times.

“How To Faux Video”,

How to Faux Finish
5 faux finishing technique

The 90 minute DVD will get  you on your way to learning this step by step technique with all the information needed for products, tools, and brushes and where to get them inside the

Foil Trompe Loeil

5 thoughts on “New Foil Trompe Loeil How To Video”

    • Hi Gail
      I see by your website that you have an online store that sells stencil kits and not so much as a blog yourself, So I am not sure as to what you are looking for, there are many resources and topics to research on decorative finishing and hundreds of books that are all great information, I do have links to other blogs on my home page if you go there, I love to help others with information that are genuine about their passion for the art form but I see no evidence of this from your web presence. I have hundreds if not thousands of hours of research and many years of experience that I am willing to share with other artists because they do the same with by sharing with others and that is how we all learn from one another and grow creatively, but if someone is just trying to find an easy way to add affiliates to an online presence for profit then I charge a fee for this kind of information. If you send me a link to your blog I would be more than happy to contribute and help. If I am wrong about this then I do apologize and will rescind my response, but in the past I have had some experiences of others just wanting to find an easy way of getting information and monetizing by this. I too have an online store and sell informational DVD’s but I do not profit from others who are looking here for help and if by purchasing one of my DVD’s and someone emails me for more help with the technique or any other questions then I am more than glad to help them as much as I can.

  1. Art,

    Nice video! You kinda missed giving me a plug for the oil based paint idea but thats ok. Email me if you get a chance…


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