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Learn Trompe Loeil Secrets From a Master

Trompe loeil panel tribute
A tribute to Michel Nadaii

Update July 26, 2011

Master Trompe L’Oeil Artist

Michel Nadaii

(A tribute to an artist with a passion to teach others)

I know its been a couple of weeks since I been here but I have been so busy with updating my posts that I finally got to an important one here that was stuck in the archives

 Keeping up with how important my blog is to me and others I have been neglecting my work (Faux Painting) and needed to get back to it. So now that I am back I will be continuing my updates.

July 26, 2011

So I am sitting here listening to a little Bob Dylan and got to thinking…

With the world in the state that it’s in there couldn’t be a more appropriate song for them to play on my XM Radio than

Bob Dylan’s, Ballad of a Thin Man

“And you know there’s somethin’ happening, but you  just don’t know what it is …..

Do you Mr. Jones?”

Truth is, I am feeling a little melancholy about the whole state of the union so when I get to that point I MUST get back to my work. Painting trompe loeil is what sets me free, and I would like to encourage everyone to just experience it, taste it, feel it and if you don’t know how to paint then learn. As you learn you become in touch with yourself and your inner thoughts and education is the key to growing creatively, not only as a person but as an individual that dares to step outside of the box and try new things, after all, that’s what this country was based on and as I write this post you will soon make the same connection as I have with the song

“Ballad of a Thin Man”

 I believe the brilliance of Bob Dylans ability to connect poetry with the politics of the then current issues was something that only a true artist could do. When I am painting in this melancholy state of mind and can’t seem to get the political issues of the day out my head then I learn to accept them and go with the flow and I listen to the “singer song writer legends” of a generation when our country was in a such a chaotic political state over many issues that even confused the world. But it seemed that only artists of the day were the only ones who could bring it all together to at least make some kind of sense out of it.

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To prove my point I have created a trompe loeil rendering from Michel’s book to encourage others to take control of their own fears and doubts and show that it is ok to feel this way. We all feel this way when faced with the unknown and new challenges. So I painted this trompe loeil piece as a tribute to Michel and to show that his efforts and passion to teach others really do make a difference in the world despite of any language barriers, after all art is a universal language.

Now I like to try and make my blog as resourceful as possible so I attached a link to the book as well as his studio in France and maybe one day we will see him here at

Art-Faux Studio in Naples soon

Michel Nadaii


Atelier Nadaii

Art & Techniques

de la

Peinture Decorative


Michel Nadai
Michel Nadai Art & Techniques

This is precisely where my trompe loeil rendition below came from. If you want to learn from a master I would suggest purchasing this book, of course my trompe loeil piece is rough compared to Michel’s work, but it’s like anything else. Every artist has his own unique ability and signature to which it makes it their own.

First you do a study, a marquette, before the final trompe loeil piece is created and that’s when a true art piece is born. I am only at the first stage with this trompe loeil and will be doing a final version of it soon. Here is the progress so far.

Trompe L'oeil Distressed Wall
A tribute rendering inspired by this book

I get a lot of my inspiration from many, artists, musicians, writers, and events from around the world, and I wish I could meet many more that I admire because with each one that I meet I improve that much more. The power of the internet has such a huge impact on all artists no matter what their art form consists of because it has brought so many of us in contact with one another enabling us to open our minds.Together we can connect and actually learn and grow from each others work, knowledge, and teachings. I want to link and learn from everyone!

I will have a lot of different links in the future to other artists that I think are phenomenal not only in decorative painting but in many other art forms as well. I will be writing many posts with videos and will also do some teaching in the near future myself. Getting my feet planted on the ground is in my future now because I will no longer be able to climb soon and I feel that after 30 years I don’t need to be doing it as much anyway, at least not for “bread and butter” money, if you know what I mean.

So my plans are to teach the “bread and butter faux finishes”

at my studio in Bonita Springs and if you have interest in any classes you may sign up here

Even though the economy is in the state that it is I refuse to be part of any of it and the “R” word is rarely spoken here on this site!    There is a world of unlimited opportunities for struggling artists available online to create passive income while they pursue their dreams and I will also make this information available on a separate site just to let you know. So you may want to sign up for the newsletter on the upper left to make sure you don’t miss the launch.

So what does “Bob Dylan’s Ballad of a Thin Man” have to do with it?

Well to help you better understand how art,  music,  poetry and life in general are all connected and why I am so melancholy of whats going on in the world today I wanted to show how well Bob Dylan was able to get his point across to the rest of the country and the world and why I am able to make sense of everything as a whole which creates a peace within my mind enabling me to flow with everything connected as one harmony thus eliminating the aggressive battle of confusion which makes it difficult for anyone to concentrate.

Once that harmony is created the calm of the music and the flow of the inner self becomes one with the work to the point of where nothing else matters and you fall into what’s known as “The Zone” where you are so deep within what you are doing that you literally have no clue of whats going on around you, It’s a state of mind of where you are at your most peaceful thus your escape and chance to become one with your work.

Dylan was able to create that harmony and confusion to flow within ones mind so that even the most confused statement somehow made sense which is what some artists struggle with and it shows in their work. But once confusion, aggravation, and flow are able to become one is connected the  when trying to create

Am I getting too deep for you?

4 thoughts on “Learn Trompe Loeil Secrets From a Master”

  1. No, not too deep! I have been a Bob Dylan fan since the 60’s! And, I do my best work while listening to Dylan!…He will go down in history as a prophet. The problem is that people don’t listen to WHAT he is saying..

    Enjoy your blog!!


    • Hi Gerry,
      Thanks for chiming in here, many didn’t understand his music at first just as most didn’t understand Jim Morrison who never really wanted to be labeled as a musician but more as a poet which is why he didn’t like the fact that he was promoted as the “front man” for The Doors. But Bob Dylan’s message became more obvious the more open he became with his anti establishment views. Our freedom of speech, rights to assemble, and freedom of expression where so blatantly chastised by the powers that be that it took music, art, writers, and even brave souls such as Lenny Bruce, Martin Luther King, Hunter S Thompson, to openly tell the people who still didn’t “Get it” that “big brother” is watching and trying to control our lives….hmmmmm……funny how history appears to repeat itself because it looks so familiar these days…

  2. Hi Joyce,
    Yes absolutely!, Its a great book and I have met Michel and Kyoko Personally and they are a wonderful couple. Michel has a great class coming up at his new studio in France and I would love to go , but times are tough, as you well know lol I am still hopeful though…..

  3. Hello Art! You’re doing a wonderful job and I know how hard it is to keep up!
    I just had a birthday and I have been contemplating purchasing this book for some time now but never the funds to do so…you know, something we won’t spend our money on for ourselves. So?? I am going to get this book especially since you’ve confirmed it that this would be a great book to have! Thanks for your time in everything you do to share your gifts and talents!

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