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Art Trends Fine Art Magazine

Pardee publisher of Art Trends Fine Art Magazine
Pardee of Art Trends a fine arts magazine

Art Trends Fine Art Magazine in Edmonton Alberta

Supporting The Art Market in Canada

was an inspiring discovery today. The reason being is because of how Pardee the publisher of this fine art magazine is focused on the side of art marketing by helping fine artists market themselves through Art Trends in the Northwest Canada region of North America.

I ran across this publication through a Facebook friend Mari-Lyn Harris who created a group conveniently named

Art Marketing

which has turned out to be quite a unique fine artist networking venue. I had the chance to ask Pardee a little more about the publication and their goals and was surprised to find out of their 7-year history and that they have a readership of over 420,000. I took the time to search the new website they have just launched Arttrends.ca and was impressed with how clean and easy it was to navigate and was especially impressed with their online version of the publication.

The real core of the whole operation is in the hardcopy of the art magazine itself. I spent some time on Art Trends and must say that they really do focus on the fine artists who join and support not only each other but the publication as well, so to me it really is an art magazine for artists by artists.

Art Trends fine art magazine is a publication that is of tabletop quality you typically would not skim through and just throw away. It is very useful and quality information on the artist, art history of Edmonton and surrounding communities that can be used throughout the year as my blog for instance, (just kidding).

When I asked about how they could even support such an expense Pardee responded with this quote which actually encouraged me to write this post in the first place because I sensed the honesty in the reply

I do love to support the arts and have been nominated for a few awards as a business that supports the arts. I used to profile artists for free but now I offer them a really low price. I figure if we grow together we all win. And artists have to think of themselves as artrepreneurs and invest in themselves. It’s like getting your own gallery space in art magazine. You get to show your best work

Pardee publisher of Art Trends Fine Art Magazine
Pardee of Art Trends a fine arts magazine
Of course, I had to find out more about Art Trends and I’ll see if I may be able to get an interview and more insight from this encouraging young lady who is so willing to help support the arts.
Art Trends fine art magazine is one to watch in the future weather your a decorative artist, faux finisher, fine artist, muralist, or whatever the case maybe it’s all about artists helping and supporting one another and you will see that my posts sometimes reflect that.

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4 thoughts on “Art Trends Fine Art Magazine”

    • Hi Mari-Lyn, So glad you stopped to leave a comment. Hey everyone I have to let you know who Mari-Lyn Harris is since she’s a bit short with words lol. Mari-Lyn has started a forum on Facebook called Art Marketing which is growing rapidly and is designed by artists for artists to help educate us all on ways to market our art and share ideas. She also has her own site where she helps others by setting up events and a number of other things that can assist with branding ones self on and offline she’s a wonderful person and if you have chance join the group and take look at her blog Heart@work online

  1. Thanks again Art for all your support of Art Trends magazine. This is the kind of teamwork I’ve been trying to instill in others. If we all work together we will all grow together. Again, thank you it is truly appreciated. We are still sorting through all the nominees for Art Trends’ Artist of the Year and the nominees will be released for all to see Monday. Check out http://www.arttrends.ca this week and vote for your favourite artist.

    The Earth without ART would just be EH

    • That’s fantastic Pardee! It’s individuals like you who are so dedicated to the arts and helping others that keeps the momentum flowing. Artists need to grow with each day they paint and with every mark they make. To understand and be in touch with every mark that is applied shows in the quality of ones work.Being able to convey or express that feeling and mindset of how and why this or that particular mark was made to a person, whether it be a collector, student, or another artist only brings a clearer understanding, appreciation and of course value to the work.
      Art Trends artist of the year is an exiting event and I hope to see this grow even larger. It is truly a blessing to see how supportive of the arts the residents are in the Northwest and Edmonton Alberta Canada area. I am thrilled to be connected although in a small way, it still helps to open another gateway of communication for everyone…..Peace!

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