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Naples Artists of Many Colors

Murals in Bonita Springs Fl
Old Bonita Springs Studio

Naples Artists of Many Colors

What else could it be? What’s this crazy artist doing?

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Artists of Many Colors is the answer. Many changes that has been sparked in my career as a professional artist I am beyond the typical decorative faux finishing category of artists and it has been that way for many years. Background includes murals, fine art, marbling, wood graining, scenic and furniture finishing.

Yet as an artists of many colors I am off to another adventure of “Live” video broadcasting and streaming to use in my marketing.

Murals in Bonita Springs Fl
Old Bonita Springs Studio

Not long ago I did start to delve into video production by recording and editing my own instructional How To Videos on venetian plaster applications, videos on marbling, murals and fine art painting but soon discovered that the quality of the equipment needed to be more than what I was using to produce the kind of near flawless results I expected, especially when it came to my art

So in response to this premature failure and jerking around (as I like to put it) I pulled out of everything and decided I would no longer make these DVD’s available. After all, I didn’t want to taint my already charming disposition, (Some can’t stand me on Facebook because I tell them like it is) LOL

Being famous has never really been a goal of mine so who cares anyway am I right? Yeah I thought so too

So now that I have added a few thousand dollars to the onslaught of continued education and feeding the money grubbing parasite of up dated equipment I have improved dramatically the quality of recorded material to match that of my other services and versatility in the creative arts. Clients don’t only want shit done but they also want it done right.

Anyway with that all aside I am going to be doing somethings differently in the decorative arts by trying to get live interviews and insights from other artists and business creatives and even new businesses in our local area. If things go well I will be doing some “Live Broadcasting” of SWFL Events and even my own “Live Studio” work.

So with all this expansion I am doing what else could you call it than an

Artists of Many Colors?

Is just at a jumping off point right now but does plan to make things better with your participation and interaction such as doing Google + Hangouts and Hangouts On Air.  Should be a lot of fun. If you’re thinking of joining in the fun I would certainly join up with our Newsletter and opening a social media account with

Google +

Live Art Studio

Web Studio


If you’re local give me a call, maybe we can plan something at your studio. I plan to have a lot of fun with this

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