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Faux finishing in Southwest Florida

Plaster for ceilings
Faux finishes for ceilings

Faux finishing in Southwest Florida is Alive and Well

despite the rumors….

it seems that ceilings, niches and accent walls are what’s popular these days. Fortunately I have been very busy with a few techniques and one that I just recently posted about only a month ago called

“Plaster For Niches”

has generated a few phone calls.

This time instead of niches I was asked to use it in a couple of ceilings and of course change the colors

Plaster for ceilings
Ceiling faux finish

This is one of the main reasons I love this technique is because you can get so much from it just by simply changing the color combination. Now I also did change something else in the finish but this is the versatility of it. I guess you could call it “the chameleon of finishes”

It seemed as soon as I posted the entry on  “plaster for niches” the phone started ringing and I actually have 3 more ceilings to do after I complete the 2 columns that came along with this little job, which goes to show you that faux finishing is still in demand in Southwest Florida

Faux finishing for ceilings
Faux effects on ceilings

The faux effects that you can create with some of the simplest techniques can really get some dramatic results. Even though I did take away something from the “Plaster for Niches” technique, I also added a little something to it as well to create some depth because of the viewing distance.

When working with certain conditions you sometimes have to tweak or add things to make sure that when you are done with your work that it even impresses you, and if you can step away from it patting yourself on the back with an “atta boy job well done” (make sure no one sees you do this….they will think your madd) then you know you have done well.

For this ceiling faux finish
A glowing faux finish

The shadow lines from my light kind of messed the picture up but no one ever said I was a photographer which is another art form I will be studying.

Like I really need another study subject with everything else I got going hehe,

Ceiling faux painting ideas
Entry Ceiling

The entry ceiling as small as it is even got hit with this “plaster for niches” finish and as small as it is the faux effects really made it come to life, I can’t wait to see the uplighting that the designer has chosen for this entry faux finish because even though you may not see it to well from this photo I know once the lighting is installed this ceiling faux finish is really going to pop in Southwest Florida!

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