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Do It Yourself Faux Finishing

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If your a home owner and have been thinking about faux finishing for your home and are a Do It Yourself kind of person,

Why not give it a try?

If you have been following my blog I am sure you have probably read how I believe there is an artist in everyone and it just takes the right kind of person to bring it out of you. I still feel strongly about this and I have actually started a low cost class teaching a technique that is inexpensive to do and with a couple of quarts of paint and a little practice anyone can do this

and it’s completely glaze free

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true and because I am so sure of it I have started a

4 hour Saturday Class just for the local

Hobbiest,  Homeowner and Do It Yourself individuals.

Since I do a lot of networking with many other trades and businesses I have heard this phrase so many times

“Oh I would love to get some faux finishing done but I cant afford it” or

“I would like to learn but I just don’t have the time”

Well now you can, because I have started these classes just for our local community as a way of trying to give back by keeping the cost as low as I can so that anyone can afford to learn a basic faux finishing technique that is

very versatile, easy to touch up and durable enough that even a sealer is not needed.

I am offering these classes to the local community for a limited time and if you are interested in learning more then you can go to my classes page under faux finishing and click on

“Broken Color”

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