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How to Faux….but first the basics

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layered broken color faux finishing technique

How to Faux….but first the basics

learn how to get a painting DVD at no cost to you

Since 1987 I have been painting in Downtown 5th Ave, Port Royal,Pelican Bay,Gray Oaks,Lely,Quail Creek,Wyndemere,Vineyards, etc., Painting faux finishes, murals, marbling,wood grains, Old World Textures,

and now it’s about time to start putting out some helpful information about How To Paint and How to Faux Finish to see if I can show the home enthusiasts the benefit of what I have come up with for my “How to Faux” video series.

I got to thinking that there are a lot of “Do It Yourself” kind of clients out there who want to know how to paint a room the easiest way they can and save some money by doing the base painting themselves then take a look at my 7 minute preview of my

How to Paint a Room Video”

This is full of Information on how to paint a room the easy way that I put together from over 30 years of experience and is recorded on site in real time.

My How To Faux Video” series are designed for small areas and the DIY’ers, but first we have to learn the basics on How To Paint A Room and it is important that the walls are properly prepped and base painted before any faux finish can be applied.

So with out further ado here’s a little short preview to my

How to Paint a Room

video to give you an idea of whats in it,

Painting your walls yourself can be an enjoyable project if done correctly and efficiently and with this video on How to Paint a Room this will surely

make the job easier, quicker and cleaner.

Hi my name is Arthur Morehead of Art-Faux Designs Inc and I have been painting for over 30 years and I rarely use a rolling pan. If you are tired of using these messy methods then take a look at my preview on How to Paint a Wall and throw that rolling pan away.

I will show you some of the simplest techniques and tricks of the trade that were taught to me over 30 years ago by masters of the trade.

How to paint a room is more than just a video it will actually change your outlook on all your painting projects.

To get a full length copy of the”How To Paint a Wall Video” I will include it with any faux finishing project that you may have for absolutely no cost to you.

Whether you want to do the base painting yourself or hire someone else to base paint it for you, at least you will know if it is done the right way by having this video.

This is for the home enthusiasts who want to save money and also have a beautiful faux finish by base painting the walls themselves. With this DVD you will learn how to paint a room in half the time that you may be use to.

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Broken Color Faux Finish Class

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