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Wood graining garage doors

Faux wood graining garage door
Mohagany Faux Woodgraining

When wood graining garage doors

Do Not Use Oil Base Materials On Metal Doors

I have found a high demand for wood graining garage doors over the past several months so I thought I may as well show what I have been doing with the overhead door demand. This is all acrylics with a UV protective top coat to keep from fading and the product line I used here has held up very well.

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These doors I did about 5-6 years ago and they still look like the day I did them…….

I have seen many attempts to this technique, where oil base products were used and I would just like to warn everyone who is looking to get this done, that you should read the manufacturers label on the backside of your garage door to make sure you, or who ever is going to grain, or even repaint your door, to apply the right product.

Most door companies will void your warranty if you use the wrong product.

In Florida it is not recommended to use oil base products on metal overhead doors or any metal door for that matter, because it will crack, peel and actually break down quite rapidly because of the extreme elements that are common here.

This overhead door was done about 3 years ago and as you can see its still holding up very well against the direct sun hitting it every day

overheaddoor2,faux woodgraining garage door,mahogany woodgrain,Naples faux painter, painting garage doors,metal doorsI have been using an “open palatte” technique for wood graining over head doors and other projects for several years and just wanted to update this post. I also use this technique for some of my “Faux Stone Techniques”

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24 thoughts on “Wood graining garage doors”

  1. The doors are fabulous! I am planning to do this to my own garage doors. We are in Florida so I will be sure to not use any oil base products. I know you said you purchase with Faux Effects but I was wondering if you have any suggestions for the process? I have seen some people’s videos where they mask off the middle for vertical movement and then do the horizontal movement after. I have also seen where people use a roller to roll on a poly top coat and others use a spray can style top coat. I am an artist and have done several in door murals but I have only ever worked with standard solid painting on an exterior. I just want to be sure I am doing it right. Any tips would be great! Thank you and well done!

    • Hi Kerri,
      I always use the Faux Effects line because of their exterior rated colorants, I have a door that I did nearly 10 years ago with this line and it still looks good today the trick to wood graining over head doors is to keep the sun off of them because the acrylics do dry fast and you do not have much time to work with them, so practice before you start any new job. Although I have been graining for years I still approach my work this way.
      I sent you an email, and thanks for stopping by….

    • Hi Steven,
      The first picture was a match to an entry door and was made of a South American mahogany and the colors were similar to a walnut. The second door is more of a standard mahogany which is very common here in Florida. Generally I use colorants made by Faux Effects for wood and marble along with Faux Creme Clear (glaze) and an open palette. I grain overhead doors differently than I do entry doors and for interior work it’s an all together different process. But for the top door I used burnt sienna, raw umber (dark brown), VanDyke brown, Ultramarine blue. The second door was burnt sienna, mahogany (Faux Color), VanDyke brown. You need to use the Faux Color carefully because it is not designed for exterior work and could fade in direct sunlight. But if you mix it correctly and use a U.V. topcoat you shoudnt have any issues. The top door I did nearly 10 years ago and it still looks like the day I did it. With an open palette I can get these completed with one or two layers.

  2. Please help
    What can I do with my garage door once I have used a oil based polyurethane? It was done recently and has not started peeling yet is there any way to save it?

    • Stephanie,
      Thanks for coming buy, I took a look at your site and must say your work is great, but there really isn’t much you can do with the poly at this point without ruining the under work. There really is nothing to panic about its just going to have to be closely maintained until its ready to be refinished again. The real problems arrive when the finish is not properly taken care of which can happen with any exterior finish. Keeping the surface clean is the main thing at this point.

  3. Hi, my name is Dee. I signed up for your newsletters, but i have a a question for you, i would like to do my front door is metal, i would like some tip on how to prep and what kind of product and sealer to use to protect it from the weather . Do you have any suggetion’s. PLease help….

    • Hi Dee, looks to me from your website you are already in the painting business and I am not sure why your asking. It really depends on what part of the country your in. I see you are here in Florida. I can tell you that you do not want to use any oil base products on metal doors or overhead garage doors because they will not hold up and will also void the manufacturers warranty. Most doors are already factory primed and all that needs to be done is to make sure the surface is clean

  4. OMG! The garage doors look fantastic, I want this look for our garage. They are truly beautiful, I would love to purchase a do-it-yourself video or book, if they are available. Thank-you, and you do fabulous work. Sincerley, Lynn

    • Wow thank you Lynn, I guess I am going to have to make a DVD on this, it seems I am getting more and more requests on the subject here lately. As a matter of fact I just stopped by a clients house today where I used the same technique 8 years ago on their doors and they still look like the day I did them. Even the topcoat has held up amazingly well.

  5. The woodgraining on the gararge door is stunning. I would love to know if you have a DVD for woodgraining moulding and interior french doors? I live in Texas to far away for your class can you still help me I see that this is a year old post?
    thank you,

    • Hi Marvie,
      This is what’s great about running a blog the old posts are here forever for research purposes. I do need to update it though lol. I have been contemplating a How To DVD for this technique but have been very busy with commissions that I just have not had the time to put one together. I have actually had several requests so I think the next set of doors I do I will record the process and produce a DVD in the future. If you sign up for my newsletter this will keep you informed of what I am up to and I will announce it when the time comes.

  6. HI Guys
    I am interested in the Faux Wood Garage Door paint training. Alas I see 2009 as the date for them. Do you have alternative dates or DVD’s available?
    I live in Cape Coral Fl. and you may use my finished door for your portfolio if you choose.
    Do you have an artist willing to paint my garage door?

    Jay Murphy

    • Hi Jay
      Thanks for stopping by, Yes this is an older post but the doors still look like the day we did them. I don’t have a DVD out on this technique yet but may produce one in the future. I have my hands full with three others that I am actually behind on. I have been getting emails from others about doing a class on this and I think there is enough interest to probably schedule one but in order to do this I would first need to purchase actual door panels and hold the class outside so the applicator/student would be able to experience the elements such as direct sunlight, heat, etc and how to effectively work with it. There are quite a few tricks to learn with this finish and I believe a “Hands On” class would be the only way to teach it properly would be the way to go. I do teach private lessons at a daily rate plus materials. I have your phone number and will contact you as to graining your door.
      Thanks Again for the comment.

    • Hi Bob,
      thanks for the compliment and as a matter of fact I have a class coming up with renowned artist Sean Crosby on November 9th-13th in which he will be teaching woodgraining techniques. Since I have had a lot of requests for my overhead door technique I will be producing a “How To” DVD on this finish. The procedure I use here is mainly all about color and working with an open palette. There’s no taping and it is all done free hand, sign up for my newsletter and look for the announcement hopefully it will be out before Christmas….

    • Hi Jennifer,
      This is a basic straight graining technique that is really about color an value which most people can do with a little practice, but it is a learned process, I have received quite a few emails about this and will eventually produce a DVD on this technique in the future, so if you want to stay up to date join my newsletter and when I finally get finished with it I will announce it through the newsletter. In the meantime I am hosting a class with renowned artsist Sean Crosby on November 9th for mural, marble and wood graining if your interested in learning from one of the best in the business. Go to this link to get more info if your interested http://Art-Faux.com .

  7. I would love to learn your technique to do my garage door. I used to be a painting contractor 15yrs ago and still have the itch to work on my own house. How do I contact you?

    • Hi Doug
      You can contact me through my website here by signing up for my newsletter, or anywhere on the site that you see an opt in form. At this time I have scheduled a class for renown artist Sean Crosby to teach a 5 day Mural, Marble and Woddgraining class at my studio in November click on this link for more info. Sean Crosby Class

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