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LIVE Art, Music, Film Presents Artists of Many Colors

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 LIVE Art, Music, Film

Presents Artists of Many Colors!

by Art-Faux Designs Inc. of Naples Fl.,

Live Art, Music, and Film presented by Artists of Many Colors of Art-Faux Designs Inc is proud to let the proverbial “cat out of the bag” so to speak. Getting more involved with patrons of the Arts & Entertainment World and by letting the faux finishing industry know of the addition of live streaming and broadcasting is now available, could help with the marketing of not only fine artists, muralists, and local business owners, but mostly help clients and customers experience the virtual reality of doing business in today’s market,

 live art, music, and film, by Artists of Many Colors is helpful when making some of the more routine decisions that need to be made from either across town or even across the world in some cases. This could save weeks in completing a scheduled design time. I mean let’s face it, I am not getting any younger and have already put nearly 40 years into the paint, decorating, faux finishing, fine art, and mural business. The older I get the more I need to utilize today’s technology, besides I think it’s fun as it just adds more to my knowledge base. Hence the new title,

Artists of Many Colors Presents

Thanks to social media that has killed internet marketing for Live Art, Music, Film and small businesses and the struggling of the entertainment industry I have decided to go live from my own venue and others, to present as much as I can with live streaming and even some broadcasting of live art shows, demonstrations and even Live Interviews with local and not so local area business owners.

This will in fact enable me personally to paint more from my studio than on-site as climbing becomes more difficult to do these days. As I approach my 60’s, (yeah I find it hard to believe myself), I think those of you who are in my shoes understand when I say I must “keep it close to the ground” near to today’s conveniences instead of swinging from 30 to 40 feet of scaffolding above you……wait for it……. (I have always been one not to beat around the bush and tell it like it is)

I plan on making this as easy as possible to where all you will have to do is just jump on the website here and enjoy watching what’s going on with Art-Faux Designs World & Artist of Many Colors. I actually have two feeds one of which is a 24 hr feed to where clients can watch my process of working on their design and the second of where I will be more interactive. I will have a third which will be on the more private side for clients and customers, if they wish, who would rather have that special attention and more private viewing.

Whatever the case I am here for you.

The main draw here is to create more involvement for those who just simply have the time to bounce all over SWFL to find random information. Here is where you will also find access to my online News Paper on Live Arts, Music, and Film and small local businesses in the area who deserve to be recognized.

In other words the best of the best in Southwest Fl

If you are looking for bad things in politics, crime, world events, and war, You can just move on because you will not find it here. There’s just too much of it in the world and this station is more about freedom of creating fun and entertainment and even some fantasy once in a while.

It’s All Good Here and I hope some will even join in and participate in intelligent conversation. No kids, no bashing, and no negative bullshit, You can go to one of the social media for that kind of garbage and trust me I’ll make sure the door will hit you in the ass on the way out

Artists of Many Colors Presents

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