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Like A Game Of Thrones?

Landscape Painting on canvas wall art murals, 2" x 3" artist Arthur Morehead
Landscape painting 2" x 3" acrylics on faux wood panel

Like A Game Of Thrones?

From New York City to Naples Fl, Interior Designs are running a confusing pattern of colored textures as seen in an episode of a Game of Thrones?

Is running several Social Media groups, a blog, and keeping up with the latest Game Of Thrones worth giving up your health because of lack of time and/or rest? Of course, the responses I’ll get will be “don’t be ridiculous” But how many of you find out that it’s true that you are spending way too much of your time doing this for the sake of trying to market your art and or your business?

Fresco mural
Faux Fresco Mural (project 1)

The reason I am asking this is I have been studying the latest concept into marketing which will be very helpful in my business since things have been so slow in the murals and fine arts sales. I have nearly everything that I need and invested a lot of money into this which of course has not been cheap. However, I do have the confidence that it will do well once it is launched.

Something else has also changed My tag line now says

“Artists of Many Colors”

Art-Faux Designs Inc. Artists of Many Colors
A New Look & New Design


Caribbean Yost Van Dyke
Mural in progress Caribbean Yost Van Dyke

 I am always constantly adding and changing art forms and techniques to bring the newest and latest to my followers, and clients that its kind of like a Game of Thrones. If you’re not on top of things your competition will swoop down on you and wack off your head leaving you to die a fast death. Yeah, I suppose I might be over-exaggerating but in this day and age, everyone is desperate to try anything to separate themselves from the competition which brings me to the changes that I am making to Art-Faux Designs Inc.

So what changes have I made?

As some of you may or may not know I have run the gauntlet of producing a few How-To Faux Videos quite a few years ago and they did work pretty well for a while but the video and audio quality was shit and I became unhappy with it and quit selling them until I could upgrade my equipment which I have done. I wrote more about that here……

Of course, I feel I need the best I can get but I also didn’t have a large budget but did manage to get things that are considered better than the norm as I did my research on “Live Broadcasting and streaming”. I bought the correct kind of lighting kits, new pro camera outfits, backdrops, and so on. There were some compromises I had to make so the set up would work as a portable as a small studio set up. I have gone back to my idea of the live studio recording of events and to stream and record Live Broadcasting events, which include concerts, artists’ events, and shows to do interviews with local small business owners. Of course, this would take on more expense but at least we would have a jumping-off spot and I could fund it with my artwork…….Until, yes until I was slammed dunk with this walking and climbing issue that it has devastated over half of my income (if not all of it) which started with the kidney stones (can’t figure out) a year ago.

I also had the idea of helping my daughter bring her dream of photography to reality and using the same equipment as both photography and video go hand in hand. When technology has taken off like it has it totally blew my mind of how easy it was making it with such high-quality equipment that it got my attention extremely quick, especially with the introduction of the 4K HD stuff (I prefer Sony)

The problem is, however, is the fact that I am on my way to 60 years old and was beginning to have a few health issues that I really did not think my age would have hit me as fast as it has (I am 56). (Like kidney stones and all the other joyous shit that hits you in your early fifties )

Over the years I have helped many people with some mentoring because of my knowledge from past experiences as I have been an artist my whole life and have run more than my share of businesses including the last two which of course are in the painting field of construction that I have done well in, The fact of the matter is I still am running one as more of a one-man show with a small studio. (Nothing large by any means)

The other fact is that my health has taken its toll and now I find myself in a situation that I have lost my ability to climb scaffolding, ladders and a number of other things at the expense of hitting my income very hard and with the costs of a small artist studio it has all but wiped me out of my savings due to the mural and fine arts market both taking a shit because buyers were simply not spending money.

So once again here I am 80% of the way to my goal and I get slammed again, but only this time I am no longer a young man and young enough to simply start over again if I were to lose it all. Nope, this was my last chance of creating a working studio to help all artists reach their goals especially for the ones just did not have the money like myself when I was young.

I have written about this many times before and probably sound like a broken record but it is my passion just as fine art is I really don’t need a lot to keep the momentum going because I can still paint and sell my art on the commissioned basis and on my own However I am in need of help and hope this post reaches the right audience.

If you can help save my studio I would gratefully appreciate the ongoing effort as I have a long way to go. If you would like a custom-designed mural that would also be of great help. If you own a business and would like to design something for an interior and /or exterior you can call or email me also.

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